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About us

Qingdao Shenghua Instrument Co., Ltd. is the production of welding and cutting tools, cylinder pressure reducer, pressure instruments, professional manufacturers. The initial victory of the Korean community in 2000 invested 10 million yuan in China set up "good friends Machinery Co., Ltd.." Due to the development needs, in 2007 the company changed its name to "San Joaquin Instrument Co., Ltd. Qingdao", the product began in the domestic sales.
More than four decades of production technology (Korea Corporation was founded in 1969), advanced equipment and processes, so that product quality has been a strong guarantee. South Korea's exports were large shipbuilding enterprises, such as "modern shipbuilding", "Samsung Shipbuilding" and other such well-known shipbuilding industry fixed procurement, the company as its designated suppliers.
"Customer-centric, quality as the core" is the Founding of the San Joaquin. In order to better serve domestic and international customers, enabling customers to understand the San Joaquin, San Joaquin selected, the letter Lai Shenghua, 2007, based on the actual, detailed research on the domestic market, absorbing, for personnel, equipment, technology, regulations, etc. re-integration. Key parts of the raw materials directly imported from South Korea, increase business investment in equipment, more standardized processes and production management to ensure product quality and performance.
So far, the company's sales network all over the country, and to achieve 24 hours a day, the end user to provide quality services. With the San Joaquin brand value of the constant expression, the majority of users and dealers will certainly proud of the cooperation and San Joaquin. Which is holy and progressive Chinese continue to progress. San Joaquin, consistent quality, service forever!

  Tel: 86-0532-83392679  Mobile Tel: 13687683688   Fax: 86-0532-83398782   Add: 13#,Nanting Road,Nancun      Town,Pingdu,Qingdao        Email: qdshyb@126.com