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Average annual growth of 15% within five years instrumentation sales value will reach one trillion
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  Social business July 4 hearing instrument products are widely used in industry, agriculture, transportation, technology, environmental protection, defense, cultural and educational, living and other fields, in the strong market demand driven and national macro-control policy under the guidance of China instrument industry has made substantial room for improvement. Instrument Industry Association released the latest data show that in 2010 the scale of production and instrumentation industry topped 500 billion yuan. Association established in accordance with "five" planning requirements, industry production value of the next five years, or nearly one trillion yuan, an average annual growth of 15% cumulative increase of 74.9% or more, the instrument sales volume in the "five" period will be close to double .

It is reported that new industries will be driven by strategic instrumentation industry, an important engine of growth. In recent years, along with raising the level of equipment, instrumentation equipment in the project in the proportion of the total investment has reached about 18%. Association pointed out that "five" period, many items of China's innovation and development projects, such as marine engineering, new energy projects and related projects will lead to growth in demand for instrumentation and upgrading.

Instrumentation industry, "five-second" planning requirements, the industry's total profit during the period will reach 71.3 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 13%; main income margin of 8.5% -9%, total assets reached 870 billion yuan.

Planning also requires, then, the leading enterprises of the concentration will be further enhanced. "Five-second" end of the industry's sales will reach ten billion dollars of business 3-5, over 10 billion will be over one hundred companies, the market concentration will reach 25%.

This means that, even as the various segments of the leader - the size of the sale of a listed company also has a huge room for improvement. 2010 annual report data show first of its kind environmental main business income of about 170 million; FPI about 6.5 billion yuan, about 276 million days of run enterprises, representing Association of "leading companies" is defined to have a huge difference.

The plan, "five" during the industry exports more than $ 30 billion, and export growth than import growth, the proportion of exports which local businesses will be greater than 50%. Meanwhile, the planning requirements, "five-second" period the number of listed companies within the industry and strive to reach 150 or so, the value of local production and marketing enterprises accounted for 70% of the total value of the industry, the local company's market share greater than 60%.

Current level of domestic technology and development trends

Instrumentation industry as a whole mid-integrated technology reached the international level, microelectronics and computer technology in instrumentation products commonly used, about 15% of the product to achieve an intelligent, reached the international level of the 1990s; 30% of the product is digitized, late to meet international standards. Ability to significantly improve the overall service: You can carry 300 000 -60 ten thousand kilowatts thermal power plants, nuclear power plant, 30 tons of synthetic ammonia, 120 tons of converter, Nissan city of 300,000 cubic meters gas station project, complete sets of large-scale furnace control projects and other large projects.

Meet the needs of categories of products: high-end scientific testing equipment to meet the domestic market was 30%, middle and low scientific instruments to meet the rate of 65%; production process measurement and control instrumentation and systems products in a variety of large projects to meet the rate of 50%, small projects up to 70%. Imported products is often the research, production required a major, key equipment, big tech and high added value.

Industry from scratch, from small to large, formed a relatively complete instrument production, research, marketing system. Built a number of research and development institutions (including the mechanical system instrumentation 20 professional research institutes, National Engineering Research Center 3, enterprise technology center 5, the national quality inspection center 9); trained a group of professional operation, management, and technical personnel. Particularly, some middle and low product formed its own advantages and characteristics of various digital multimeter, power meter, water meter, gas meter, water level, middle and low optical microscopes, telescopes and other production in the world, to meet the basic domestic needs of the large number of export .

Through science and technology research, joint development, joint ventures and domestic absorption of imported technology and other means, so that part of China instrument industry leading products in high-grade narrowing the gap with the international advanced level, and the formation of production capacity. Self-developed products include small and medium DCS, field bus intelligent instruments, bus test system, car testing equipment, ultrasound equipment, microwave plasma spectroscopy, a new proliferation-sensitive components such as silicon, technology localization of the major products recorded instrument, refined small valve, the new transmitter, spectroscopy, chromatography, scanning electron microscopy, water quality analyzers, special composite materials; joint venture's main products are large-scale DCS, EJA, flow meters, electronic theodolite, dynamic balancing testing machine, high and low temperature test instruments.

Number of state-owned, collective, private, foreign-funded enterprises and research institutes through market competition in the industry stand out, and showed a good momentum of development and potential, has become the dominant, core strength.

2011 Chinese instrument industry will maintain the momentum of steady development, not as 2010 as "fast." The domestic industry in a good instrument development context is also facing tremendous competitive pressure, you want to place in the global market, there are many "gap" to cross.

Currently, 60% of China's scientific instruments rely on imports, will invest 25% of the funds each year for the purchase of scientific instruments. China has become the instrument of transnational companies competing for the position. Instrumentation is a strategic new industries during the second five national importance to support innovative scientific instruments, instrumentation market potential is huge.

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