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Instrumentation industry's second Five key technology industries
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  Social business on July 8 hearing instrument industry, automation is the key to the industry. In the past few years, as China continues to develop automated applications, instrumentation industry, new look, many companies in this field has also been a rapid development. At present, the instrumentation industry is facing a new period of development, the industry's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" (draft), also according to the requirements of the new era, made a focus on the development of a number of key technologies, which will undoubtedly have an important future development of the industry significance.

Emerging sensor technology

Sensor as a sensor network (of things) based components, in the future will have a very bright future. Present a new sensor technology, including solid-state silicon sensor technology, fiber-optic sensor technology, bio-chip technology, gene chip technology, image sensors, solid-state inertial sensor technology, multi-sensor technology. "Five" will be smart sensor as the focus of the key technologies.

In this area, focusing on the development of new principles, new effect sensor technology, smart sensor technology, sensor network technology, miniaturization and low power consumption technology, and sensor array and multi-functional, multi-parameter sensor sensing the design, manufacture and packaging technology.

Industrial wireless communication network technology

Industrial wireless communication network as a complement wired industrial communication networks, has been generally recognized. China's industrial wireless communication networks has made some achievements, continue to strengthen development in this area may lead the world.

In this area, should focus on the industry standard-setting wireless communication networks, and industrial wireless communication network authentication technology.

Safety technology and safety instrumented functions

Safety technology and safety features is an international instrument on the recent development of new technologies to prevent industrial facilities produce abnormal incidents that can compromise the safety of persons and equipment. The technology and related instrumentation products have received the user's attention. China's large petrochemical construction projects has provided functionality to be carried out safety assessments. China's industrial facilities, unexpected accidents more frequently, in security instruments have a very important technology.

Focus on the development of products in this area include: to achieve the overall safety level SIL3 control system, temperature transmitters, pressure / differential pressure transmitter, actuator / positioner development and application, and also includes a safety instrumented system technical methods of assessment and evaluation tools for development.

Precision processing technology and special technology

Testing equipment and our high profile abroad, the gap is largely precision machining and special technology gap. The current focus is multi-dimensional precision processing technology, precision molding process, spherical, aspheric optical components precision processing technology, crystal optics grinding process, the design and fabrication of special optical thin-film technology, precision grating characterization of replication techniques, special welding, bonding , sintering and other special connection technology, ASIC processing technology, MEMS technology, automatic trace, trace sample analysis and processing technology.

Analyzer features and application technology

The key components of analytical instruments, such as detectors, quadrupole, high pressure pumps, valves, magnets, special lighting and power, automatic injector, long-life sensitive electrode, echelle, and other high-precision electronic extensometer key components for research, improve stability and reliability of the whole instrument. While developing the spectra for different applications and databases.

Intelligent Technology

Intelligent technology is characterized by: self-calibration, self testing, self-diagnostic, adaptive function; with complex operations and error correction data processing capabilities; with auto-complete function of the specified measurement task; for scientific instrumentation and control systems expert system software.

Systems integration and application technology

The current development of different manufacturers should focus on the seamless connection between the control system integration; large projects the main supplier of automation equipment (MIV) should have the project planning, design, organization, procurement, inspection, commissioning and other project management techniques.

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